Fox&Bee Studio provides high-quality, affordable video production services for community organizations, businesses, museums, schools, and individuals. Since 2011, our central location has allowed us to explore all of Vancouver Island, including Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Port Alberni, Campbell River, and Nanaimo.

We can take your idea — whether fully formed or still developing — and turn it into an eye-catching video that captivates your audience, enhances your website, and communicates your message. Videos can vary in length and complexity; as a result, prices also vary. Contact us today and we'll create a quote for your unique project.


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Explore Cumberland

Release Date: Mar. 2018
Client: In co-operation with the Village of Cumberland

Summary: This video was created to celebrate the unique people, fun events, fascinating history, and range of services available in the village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island.
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This inspiring promotional video was created for Jipsi Tree Brick & Mortal store in Cumberland, BC.
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Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019

Release Date: Jan. 2019
Client: Fox&Bee Studio

Summary: Five hours of filming in cold weather and another few hours of compositing images resulted in this video capture of 2019's spectacular lunar eclipse over the West Coast.
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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Albert ‘Ginger' Goodwin, this video captured the re-enactment of Goodwin’s historic funeral procession.This event received the Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Community Programming.
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Nala'atsi Alternative School

Release Date: May 2018
Client: Comox Valley School District

Summary: This short video uses interviews with students and teachers to describe Nala'atsi, a school for students with Indigenous ancestry in Courtenay, BC, which provides individualized support for those whose needs have not been met in a mainstream classroom setting.
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To prepare for the 2022 referendum, this video introduced the ‘Play Fair, Pay Fair’ proposal to citizens living in the Cowichan Valley Regional District.
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Under Gonzales Bay

Release Date: Oct. 2018
Client: Fox&Bee Studio

Summary: We enjoy filming communities, both above and under water! Shawn writes music for all our videos, and this particularly moving score provides a soothing ambience to match the relaxing aquatic images.
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Comox Strathcona Waste Management needed a fun, engaging video to introduce residents to their new Organics Facility in Campbell River — we had a lot of fun making this video with hosts Tina and Jenn!
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Ginger's Funeral Procession

Release Date: June 2018
Client: Cumberland Museum and Archives

Summary: July 2018 marked the centenary of the shooting of labor activist Ginger Goodwin, and the community came together to recreate his historic funeral. Created with the help of a small crew and 9 cameras, this video captured the day and helped celebrate this important figure in Canadian history.
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In 2022, Neighbourhood Small Grants commissioned a suite of videos to promote community engagement across multiple BC communities, including this video for Victoria residents.
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Cumberland Home & Garden Tour 2018

Release Date: June 2018
Client: Cumberland Community Forest Society

Summary: This video captured the highlights of the Cumberland Home & Garden Tour, where participants enjoyed a wonderful day of exploring historic homes and lush gardens, all while raising money to help save the Cumberland Forest.
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In this short educational video, forest ecologist Andy MacKinnon discusses why the Cumberland Community Forest Society is such a unique initiative.
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We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes. Here is a sample of our current and past clients:
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“Kim and Shawn bring unique ideas and expert insights to each of their videos, helping to ensure that the visual stories they create are interesting and engaging. Plus – they’re efficient, and funny. Happy to work with Fox & Bee anytime.”

– Colleen Dane, Director, ZINC Communication Strategies

“Fox & Bee are extremely talented at putting complex ideas and projects into simplified videos. Being a one-stop shop for video creation, they provide the most amazing customer service, ideas and quality at an affordable price.”

– Jennifer Steel, Manager of Corporate Communications, Comox Valley Regional District


Kim Bannerman is an author and artist based in the Comox Valley. As part of Fox&Bee Studio, she provides script development services, voice-over narration, illustration, filming, and editing services.

Shawn Pigott is an accomplished filmmaker and musician, who was born in Victoria and now lives in the Comox Valley. He is Fox&Bee's primary videographer, and his original musical compositions set our videos apart.


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