Bucket of Blood
by K. Bannerman
ISBN 978-0-9864701-3-4

Lizzie's mother is dead, and left in the care of her prim older sister, the 15-year-old fears her carefree ways are over. 

But when tragedy strikes her small community in the summer of 1898, Lizzie discovers a sinister web of lies and deception, of murders past and present. Fierce resentments and racial tensions boil beneath the illusion of civilization. Soon, Lizzie finds herself ensnared in a secret that stretches from the opium dens of British Columbia and the alleys of San Francisco to the jungles of Panama and beyond -- and it's a secret that the murderer will do anything to protect.

Part BC history, part gothic mystery, Bucket of Blood is a grim journey through loss, self-discovery, redemption, and vengeance.
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"Bannerman writes in a very clean style of prose, but every so often she'll turn a phrase so striking that it's poetry." - Frank Zafiro, author of The Last Horseman, Waist Deep, and the River City Crime series

"I highly recommend Bucket of Blood... Lizzie very much reminds me of a young female Sherlock Holmes, including all of the mental complexities that make him so brilliant." - Lee Ann Faruga, Steampunk Canada

"… a mind fuck of a story that ends up somewhere I could never have imagined… Buy it now!" - Cara, Bibliobabes